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Introduction of the Animal Air Ambulance Service

Air ambulance Aviation is providing the animal ambulance serves in flights and helicopter   world wide. Animal ambulance services will be taken in accordance domestic, national, international sector as per the Clint request.

Air ambulance Aviation will play a better role in safe and timely shifting the your valued animal to which ever location as per your request,and permission: as far as concern we will not encage the any antisocial, anti lawful transfers

Scope of our service we are open for all
Rescue operations’

Air Ambulance Aviation specializes in air animal ambulance transport offering cost effective solutions that keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency and in environmental compliance. Air Ambulance Aviation experts are knowledgeable of your process requirements and problems. Our experience portfolio is based on more than 30 new Air Ambulance Aviation designed AAA policy’s , over three hundred rebuild projects, and hundreds of repair and maintenance projects plus , our people are hardened to the task!

We transport by air animal ambulance  
All your valued pets;- cats, dog, birds etc…………
All user friendly animals:- horse, Elephants , Zebras, Sun Bear, Giant Panda, Donkey, , Cow, Penguins etc..
All wild animals:- lion, tiger, snake, cheetah, fox, hippopotamus , Cheetahs, Catfish, Dama Gazell etc ..

All as per Govt Live Animals Regulations

Horse ambulance transportation serves (flight/ helicopter)

hourse ambulance

The reason for my fly to new horizons

  • I am a winning horse so I need to win  the world for my Master
  • Am loyal full to my master , I work to win the race , and am the winning horse
  • I have to be world is my home , each race id my race , if am not there my gift is taken over by other members
  • My mater is love me  and me too
  • Am flying with my wings to win
  • Am flying in pressurised  as per my concern and air conditions atmosphere
  • My gift my master will be wining story every where in the world  

Safety on fly 
To maximise the safety of your thoroughbreds, separate ramps at the front and rear of the stall are used for loading and unloading, with the animals always facing the front of the aircraft during flight. Non-slip floors and interiors without rough or sharp edges are also standard features. The stalls can Be adapted to carry up to three horses, depending on their size, age, condition and the owners’ requirement


I love, I love my Master


picture of a pumpkin L I Love My Master

I love my master.
I gather firewood to light his daily fire.
I love his clear eyes.
Tame as any lamb,
I scatter drops of honey on his ears.
I love his hands
which laid me down on a bed of grass:
My master bites, subjugates.
He tells me secret stories while
I fan his whole body, full of sores and bullet wounds,
of days in the sun and plunderous war.
I love his feet, which buccaneered and wandered round
in foreign lands.
I massage them with the finest powders,
which I found one morning
while leaving the tobacco field.
He strummed his guitar and from his throat came
sonorous verses, as if born from the throat of Manrique
Animal Hospitals

Where your pet's health is our priority and excellent service is our goal.

We operate more than 540 animal hospitals in 41 states across the nation in the VCA network. These hospitals are staffed by more than 1,800 fully qualified, dedicated and compassionate veterinarians to give your pet the very best in medical care. Over 200 are board-certified specialists. Our hospitals provide a full range of general medical and surgical services as well as specialized treatments

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Animal Air Ambulance Answer   Animal air ambulance means , we will carry your animal in  our flights/helicopter  by Air Ambulance Aviation experts , with respective officer  r
  • Is Animal Air Ambulance compatible with my pet Animal Air Ambulance will be makethe best surface for the pet
  • How do I tell to Animal Air Ambulance?  Answer   Animal air ambulance requirements you can explain to rescue controller of respective area of Air Ambulance Aviation rescue controller
  • How do I transfer my animal Air Ambulance Answer   Animal air ambulance will recive all kinda of animal after the clearance only
  • How does Animal Air Ambulance skip protection? Answer   Animal air ambulance trfaer program as per governments law only
  • How much charge for Animal Air Ambulance? Answer   Animal air ambulance charge according to the distance ,size , and  sector  but the cost economical
  • Can I connect Air Ambulance Aviation any where in world Answer  for the requriments  Animal air ambulance you can call us any where in the world
  • How long time of rescue Answer   Animal air ambulance rescue progerm will be there will not a time limite , its all depends up on the clearance, avbility, whater , and land law ,etc
  • How do I charge  for transfer , Answer   Animal air ambulance charge accoding tosector and size, comfert, and vallu ,so on,,,,

"What I like about Air Ambulance Aviations ability to get things done on a timely basis.  They offer great ideas and was really helpful.  I wouldn't hesitate recommending her services to anyone.  Air Ambulance Aviations was enormous help when I converted my templates from WordPerfect to Word."  By Mac Million great Stewards USA

“Air Ambulance Aviations gets the job done on time, on budget and on strategy. They where an invaluable resource to me onto make a huge annual report perfectly.”-- D.D. Kullman Sr Manager yearly planning France

"I've worked with my company for several years. Air Ambulance Aviations make me instrumental in helping me put together very attractive and complete proposals. Air Ambulance Aviations is very creative and was able to quickly take my ideas and put them into an organized professional package. Air Ambulance Aviations is very personable and would add value to any project they is given." -- Pradap  Roy , Senior  team fixing Vice President, India- Commercial

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Contact us or send an enquiry

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