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Human Resources Department Air Ambulance Aviation


Welcome and thank you for visiting the Human Resources website at Air Ambaulance Aviation! Inside you will find jobs, employment and benefit information, and a look at a workplace rich in opportunity, experience, and rewards. Air Ambaulance Aviation is home to a diverse and committed workforce who has adopted a spirit of community enrichment. The Air Ambaulance Aviation’s dedication to learning, teaching, research, and public service inspires all of us. Whatever our roles, and wherever we work, each of us supports the pursuit of knowledge and individual growth that symbolizes Air Ambaulance Aviation.

Success of the Air Ambaulance Aviation depends on upholding basic rules of mutual respect for our rich and diverse environment, as well as reconciling the common goals and values necessary to assist the Air Ambaulance Aviation’s continued growth as an outstanding rescue operactions,educational institution and workplace. Our responsibilities include fair and equitable treatment of employees, integrity, and a commitment to upholding the Air Ambaulance Aviation’s values. These common goals guide Human Resources in our work to attract, develop, retain and compensate outstanding faculty and staff. Let us know how we may help you.

The Human Resources Department of Air Ambaulance Aviation. is pleased to welcome you to review the services we provide our employees through this web site. This site is updated periodically to ensure convenient access to accurate human resources information. You will find information regarding employment, benefits, volunteer opportunities and other HR events.

We are excited to be part of an incredible team that is working around the world as well as in our local and domistic communities.

HR Mission Statement

The Human Resources Department embraces the spirit of theAir Ambaulance Aviation and outreach to world wide . We support the leadership and staff in the fulfillment of their calling to the work and mission of the Air Ambaulance Aviation by recruiting, developing and retaining valued talent.

We commit to:

  • leadership and staff
  • Maintain a perspective of positive realism
  • Deliver excellent service
  • Treat each individual with dignity and respect
  • Pursue professional competence

Guiding Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:12-1


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